Playlist: Midwest Shitfest

If you’re a regular reader of our site and you’re anywhere near as petty as I am, you might have noticed that while we published playlists for both the west and east coasts last year, WGTB still has no musical offerings representing the vast expanse of corn and people who eat that corn nestled between the seas. As a proud midwesterner despite (because of?) my home region’s seemingly endless capacity to frustrate me, I’ve created a playlist to rectify that problem. Taking its name from one of the Orwells’ more infamous concerts in Chicago and its content from a litany of incredibly talented midwestern artists like Howler, Melkbelly, and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, this playlist aims to capture some of the unique feelings stirred by a lifetime on the plains. Think long highways, brutally schizophrenic weather, an irresponsible number of Waffle Houses, and plenty of bored high schoolers looking for a thrill. I certainly hope you enjoy.



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