“Alone” feat. Big Sean & Stefflon Don – Halsey

New Jersey native and pop sensation Halsey has released a remixed version of her sensually nostalgic track “Alone,” from her sophomore album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, featuring Big Sean and Stefflon Don.

What might be regarded as the most underrated track off her album, which was released less than a year ago and is already certified gold by RIAA, “Alone” provides a similar feeling to Kanye West’s iconic album 808s & Heartbreaks. Though the track is just as good as is, Halsey released an alternative version of it with features from Big Sean and Stefflon Don. With fears and speculations that the track wouldn’t live up to its hype, Halsey took to twitter to reassure fans that “this record is a BANGER… these guys took this song to a new level.And, boy oh boy, she was not joking about that.

Big Sean and Steffon Don’s features still maintain a relationship to Halsey’s verse in a dualistic manner. Halsey, the emotional wanderlust, expresses her contradictory feelings of longing for a significant other and, yet, warning them that any relationship with them would be a train-wreck waiting to happen. Her stylized “Great Gatsby” verse is followed up by Big Sean, in which he reassures the emotionally erratic ‘other’ that his interest in her is authentic.

I know you need your alone time, that’s critical

But I need some of your time, is that hypocritical?

Damn, you know I relate to you more than fam

So I won’t sit around and let you sink in quicksand

When the last time you had somebody hug you?

Hold up, when the last time you had somebody love you?

Hold up, when the last time you love someone who love you?”

The track takes a soulful left turn when Steffon Don’s verse comes in, maintaining the themes of romance through undertones of reggae and rap. This featured-filled remix lyrically suggests to provides the closure and reassurance that Halsey seems to seek out in the original version of “Alone.”

Halsey and her fans are anticipating the “Alone” remix to not only hit radio waves later this month, but also be accompanied by a music video set to be released before the summertime. You can listen to the track in full down below:

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