Playlist: No Hablo Ingles

I speak English pretty well and Spanish poorly; a.k.a your typical college freshman. However, there are many awesome songs that I just don’t understand but still enjoy listening to. Here are some new and contemporary songs to listen to, even if you don’t understand all the words. I can’t really write all that much about these songs because I don’t understand them, but the lyrics become almost another instrument, so listen and enjoy!


Tombei – “Tropkillaz”

Liebs Oder Lass Es – “Genetikk, Sido”

Dodo – “DaVida”

Resten Av Ditt Liv – “Timbuktu”

Perdoname – “Deorro”

Monsieur Sable – “Nekfeu & Alpha Wan”


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Conor Foley

COL '19 from Philadelphia. I enjoy every type of music except country music, Drake at Landmark or Kendrick at Made in America are the coolest acts I've seen live, and my first live show was OCD Moosh and Twist and it ended in a riot. Bernie 2k16

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