Playlist: The Molly Ringwald to Your Jake Ryan

As you sit, longingly glancing across Lau 2, there they are. The Jake Ryan to your Molly Ringwald. The Cindy Mancini to your lawn-mower riding Patrick Dempsey. The dream person that you could never dream of talking to. Ever since coming across them at Uncommon Grounds or your pattern of seeing them in Red Square on your way to class, you can’t help but wonder … does God make Ikea design plans for someone that great? Why can’t I just get up the nerve to talk to them?

Well, here at WGTB, we share your hopeless romantic tendencies and have gone out of our way to compile a few tracks to describe the heart-break, euphoria, and vague creepiness that describes the experience of being invisible to your dream guy or gal.

Who knows? Maybe this playlist might just give you the courage to walk up, say something, and start your own 80s inspired rom-com. Just do us a solid and promise not to end up standing beneath their VCE window with your boom box.

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