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Noah McBeth, known to the music world as NoMBe, just released “Rocky Horror,” his ninth single of the year – the last one before he drops his debut album in October. The L.A.-based, German-born singer has released one single per month this year, starting with “Wait” in January. The album, which will be titled They Might’ve Even Loved Me, is compiled solely of love songs, which McBeth dubs as tribute to the women who have helped to shape his life. Although they are all love songs, the nine singles that he has released until now are very different.

My personal favorite, “Freak Like Me,” was the third release of the year and is funky, intense, and so catchy. Starting off with a lion’s roar, the song showcases the self-assured musician’s talent. He says that this song is the only one that his significant other didn’t want him to release, but we all can be glad that she gave in. In contrast, “Do Whatchu Want to Me” and “Summer’s Gone” are mellow, and much more laid back.

In his new single, “Rocky Horror,” McBeth takes it back to the essentials: backed only by an acoustic guitar, he whispers a hushed narrative of a story of captivity, based on the Rocky Horror Picture Show and his mother’s experiences in prison.

The variety in his songs just shows the talent that this young artist has – he turned 26 this year, and he is definitely on my to-watch list. He started releasing songs in 2014, including his most popular, “California Girls,” and he just keeps getting better. He will be performing around the US this year (supporting alt-J on their tour in LA and Florida), but unfortunately hasn’t announced a D.C. date yet. Keep your eyes peeled for his album!

photos from NoMBe Facebook page

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