Punk Academia: A Semester in Review

By listening to this station, you _______ (sign here) waive all liability on the part of the DJs for the following side-effects of having tuned in: finding artists you’ve definitely never heard before, feeling emotions for maybe the first time all day, finding lyrics and guitar licks bouncing around your eardrums, living a music video, realizing that genre categories are fluid, hearing the DJs lyrics read aloud after songs to analyze their poetry and break down their backstories, learning the history of all the rocks and punks and alts and indies, and coming back every week to hear more. We apologize in advance. Advait Arun and Madison Stern’s radio show, Punk Academia, has been one of our favorites this semester, and we wanted to share some of their highlights.

Playlist 1:  Home-Grown – Stuck at home over break with complicated thoughts about the place you grow up in? If you also happen to enjoy punk and indie hits, then this is the playlist for you. Listen here.

Playlist 2: Strings and Arrows – Everyone needs a change of pace — especially the punk kids who listen to loud guitars and higher-pitched boys all day. Get your fix of some of the best acoustic tracks the pop-punk and indie-pop worlds can offer, all from bands you may not have heard of. Listen here.

Playlist 3: On Tour Again – Bands love to write songs about how they’re going on tour, and about all the feelings that come with it. Pop-punk and indie-pop are no exceptions — except for the fact that their songs are some of the best in this general theme. Listen here.

Keep an ear out for more from Punk Academia next semester!


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