Savage Hills Ballroom, Youth Lagoon

Youth Lagoon, a solo project by Trevor Powers of Boise, Idaho, released his third studio album, Savage Hills Ballroom, on September 25th.

Although Savage Hills Ballroom is undeniably indie, it’s hard to pin down into a single genre. From start to finish, listeners are in for a ride as each track is sprinkled with eclectic hints of electronic, rock, and pop.

During the first half of the opening track “Officer Telephone”, Powers belts out soulful lyrics, while the second half of the song quickly transforms into a sporadic electronic tune surprisingly reminiscent of dubstep.

Powers’ vulnerability shines through in slower tunes like “The Knower” which showcases Powers’ soft yet powerful voice and slowly builds in power. “The Knower” is full of angst bitter at the world, as Power sings, “Oh, everybody wants to think / that they’re good at heart / when they’re full of hate. In contrast, “Doll Power”, a 4 minute track that combines simple piano with electronic backing and no vocals, is much more hopeful.

Powers even begins to dip into societal commentary in “Rotten Human”, where he croons, “Our food’s diseased by altered seeds and dies / So we take a pill and trust the doctor’s lie”.

Ultimately, Powers has pulled together a unique collection of songs that will keep listeners on their toes and doesn’t disappoint. Check it out below.


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