Semester in Review: Exile on M St.

Critically acclaimed radio show Exile on M Street was definitely the most fun thing happening every Friday night from 1:30-3am, and hosts Nick Vianna and James Dolan are ready to carry such a reputation on their shoulders into the next semester. This is a radio show focused on fun social commentary as well as good tunes, and our team felt the following playlists were the best way to explain what we are all about on the show.

1.MSB ‘85 – Probably what MSBros were rocking out to in 1985, and honestly, we don’t blame them. Perfect for hyping yourself up for an Goldman-Sachs interview, office hours with a jerk business stats prof who won’t round your 68.2 up to an A- (yet), and/or other business ideas you might explore this semester. Listen here.

2. NHS ‘25– Were you really good at biology in high school? Do you suck at biology now? If you answered yes to both, this is the playlist for you. Drown your sorrows in Phoebe Bridgers as you prepare for your 2838493rd test of the semester, aggressively cursing those who encouraged you to be a woman in STEM. Listen here.

3. SFS ‘03 – A bunch of pro-American war music, because we all know that’s what the SFS is really about. I don’t really know why you would listen to this, but if you are in the SFS, I wouldn’t exactly put it past you. Listen here.

4. COL ‘15 – This playlist is analogous to your older College grad brother—an English major with minors in Neurobiology and Gov, who is currently unemployed. If you are undecided (like every true College student) in what you’d like to listen to, hit shuffle. Or you could just commit to a vibe like a damn adult. Listen here.

Keep an eye out for more Exile on M St next semester!


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