Playlist: RIP The Thermals

On Monday, Portland punk-rock staples The Thermals announced that they were officially disbanding after 15 years together. It’s never fun to hear that a band you love has ceased to exist, but after seven albums released over the course of more than a decade, the decision to exit now rather than force themselves to stay together makes sense. Formed in 2002 in the aftermath of a deeply controversial presidential election, The Thermals were always imbued with a sense of dissatisfaction and anger that hearkens back to some of punk’s earliest roots. In many ways, they revived a genre that had begun to feel stale, and they’ve left a massive imprint on punk music that’s unlikely to be forgotten. I myself remember long, scorching summers in Missouri listening to songs like “Pillar of Salt” and “Now We can See” on the radio, and while I certainly didn’t understand the politics behind the songs at the time, they’ve never stopped being some of my all-time favorites. Whether you’re just looking for some good summer tunes or if you’re searching for something to distract you from a different controversial president, The Thermals will always have you covered.

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Max Keeney

Max Keeney is a freshman in the SFS from Kansas City, Missouri (the side of the state line that's usually less of a national embarrassment). Outside of music, he follows Sporting KC belligerently and poisons himself with coffee. His favorite bands include the Orwells, FIDLAR, Wavves and Together PANGEA, but he's interested in anything surf-punky, especially if it's midwestern. Max does not believe that Belgium exists.

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