Music Video: “Someone New” – Hozier


A scruffy Irishman singing in an artistically lit room. A steamy tryst on a rooftop. A dancing monkey playing the pan flute on the subway. Only two of these things are in Hozier’s new music video for his single, “Someone New”.

Released on March 2nd, the music video features Game of Thrones’ Natalie Dormer as the lonely, brooding individual who makes her way through clubs, alleyways, and rooftops looking for “someone new”. Ironically enough, the video––an exposition of the loneliness and isolation that motivates Dormer to explore the city and other people’s mouths––is directed by her Irish fiancé, Anthony Byrne.

The music video switches points of view rapidly as it shows Dormer in different perspectives: first as the solitary bystander observing lovers and then as one of the lovers in an attempt to bridge the gap of emotional distance. At one point, when Dormer crosses a bridge, she sees two lovers, and in the next cut, she takes the place of one of the lovers.

In a video that’s full of exploration, starting with the exploration of hairstyles––from Hozier’s low man-bun to Natalie “I smile like I know when and how the world is going to end” Dormer’s half buzz––Jon Hozier-Byrne, Hozier’s brother and the concept writer for the video, communicates the frustration between one’s reality and one’s expectations in finding someone new.

If you’re hell bent on making Hozier your someone new and you don’t mind dropping $168, he’ll be playing at Lincoln Center this Monday, March 9th at 8pm. But you won’t find me there; I’m a starving student and Natalie Dormer’s more my speed.


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