The Head and The Heart @ The Anthem

On Friday night, Phosphorescent and The Head and the Heart played at DC’s newest music venue, The Anthem. Phosphorescent started recording in 2001, based in Athens, Georgia. Their singer-songwriter music is good to listen to on a low-key afternoon or a rainy day. Their latest album is from 2013, Muchacho. The Head and the Heart formed in 2009 and are based in Seattle, Washington. Their discography is primarily composed of indie folk, but their latest album, Signs of Light, from 2016, has more of a pop feel.

Phosphorescent was the opener and they were not the best live performers. There were some screechy guitar moments and a loud bass that made hearing the lyrics and quieter parts of the songs difficult. They played my two favorite songs by them, “Wolves” and “Song for Zula,” which I was happier with. I think their best songs were their lower key, quieter songs.

The Head and the Heart were much more enjoyable live. While their music is not super upbeat and easy to dance to, they made it a good time. The Anthem holds 6,000 people, and I think around 4,000 people at least were there. Everyone was getting into The Head and the Heart with swaying and cheering. The venue is part of what made the concert so great. It was massive, beautiful, and right on the water. I recommend checking out The Anthem if you haven’t already! My favorite song that The Head and the Heart played was “All We Ever Knew.” It is one of their newer songs and everyone was singing along and jamming out.

Overall, the concert was a good one. The Head and Heart played well and The Anthem is a wonderful new concert venue.

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