The Mowgli’s @ Rock & Roll Hotel

I was thrilled when I received press passes to see The Mowgli’s at their sold-out show at the Rock & Roll Hotel! I had already seen The Mowgli’s in concert before as the opening act for Walk the Moon, back when The Mowgli’s had only released one album. Their live performance was amazing then, and it continues to be amazing now.

With their plain white t-shirts, jeans, and red balloons, the band members made the concert a fun and casual experience that was compatible with the venue. Rock & Roll Hotel has a very small stage, making the show a lot more intimate than typical concerts with large stages that don’t allow the audience to feel united with the band. Towards the end of the concert, Colin Louis Dieden, one of the main vocalists and guitar players, grabbed a fan’s phone and took a video of the concert for her. Also, throughout the concert, the guitar players threw their picks to the crowd, and once the concert was over, the drummer, Andy Warren, threw his drumsticks into the crowd.

The band played a selection of songs from all three albums and paused to talk to the audience between a few of the songs. The Mowgli’s began the concert with “Whatever Forever” and ended the concert with “I’m Good,” both songs from the second album Kids In Love. I loved that the band didn’t focus solely on Where’d Your Weekend Go? and that they played a wide variety of songs. Waiting For The Dawn is very different from Kids In Love, and the act of incorporating all these sounds into a single concert provided a unique experience. Of course, the audience chanted for an encore and the band returned onto the stage to play one of their most well known songs, “San Francisco.” Balloons were thrown into the crowd and one of the opening acts, Dreamers, joined the stage to dance with The Mowgli’s, animating the crowd and leaving them overwhelmed with excitement.

Song Lineup:

  1. “Whatever Forever” – Kids In Love
  2. “Spacin Out” – Where’d Your Weekend Go?
  3. “Bad Dream” – Kids In Love
  4. “Bad Thing” – Where’d Your Weekend Go?
  5. “Freakin’ Me Out” – Where’d Your Weekend Go?
  6. “Spiderweb” – Where’d Your Weekend Go?
  7. “Summertime” – Single
  8. “Love is Easy” – Waiting For The Dawn
  9. “So What” – Where’d Your Weekend Go?
  10. “Open Energy” – Where’d Your Weekend Go?
  11. “Love Me Anyway” – Kids In Love
  12. “Monster” – Where’d Your Weekend Go?
  13. “Alone Sometimes” – Where’d Your Weekend Go?
  14. “Make It Right” – Kids In Love
  15. “Say It, Just Say It” – Waiting For The Dawn
  16. “I’m Good” – Kids In Love
  17. Encore: “San Francisco” – Waiting For The Dawn

Featured image from @RocknRollHotel Instagram

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