Preview & Album Review: The Mowgli’s @ Rock & Roll Hotel


Earlier this year, The Mowgli’s released their new album Where’d Your Weekend Go? and it’s a hit! The Mowgli’s is a band from Los Angeles with a similar sound to Walk the Moon and Smallpools. Personally, I’ve been a huge fan of The Mowgli’s since their first release, Waiting for the Dawn, in 2013. I loved Waiting for the Dawn, but then the band seemed to change its sound with the album Kids in Love. In the new album from this year, the band has brought back its “feel good” sound that made it famous in Waiting for the Dawn. I think this is The Mowgli’s best album to date; Where’d Your Weekend Go? will definitely put you in a good mood and bring a ray of sunshine to your day. This is the perfect album to chill to during these rainy and cloudy days we’ve had lately in DC with its uplifting beats. I can’t say there’s a song on this album that I don’t like and that won’t put a smile on my face.

The songs are easy to relate to as the album focuses on the concept of loneliness, especially in the songs “Bad Thing” and “Alone Sometimes.” “Bad Thing” focuses on the desperation of needing someone to avoid being alone, a feeling most people experience at some point in their lives. In contrast, “Alone Sometimes” focuses on the beauty of being alone and appreciating the time you have to yourself.

If you love their album, they’re playing a sold out show at the Rock & Roll Hotel on October 9th.

Photos from The Mowgli’s Facebook Page

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