“Paradise” – Jeremih

Pop-R&B artist Jeremih, perhaps best known for his ubiquitous party jam “Birthday Sex,” released his long-awaited third album Late Nights to a significant amount of hype surrounding “Planes” and “Don’t Tell ‘Em” amongst other recognizable features. The album as a whole acts as a sort of journey through a hazy party with Jeremih, at times drawing from his previous work with Shlohmo through the use of mysterious electronic beats and at other times producing pop anthems deserving of chart topping status. That is the beauty of the album; it’s a trip through Jeremih’s previous work plus a slew of new sounds and experiments. This is perhaps best exemplified in the final song of the album “Paradise” – a slightly unexpected love song over nothing but an acoustic guitar that symbolizes a kind of waking up the morning after the party of the album as a whole. “Woke up at home off that molly,” sings Jeremih immediately after a slow and dramatic orchestral buildup and that is kind of a summary of the song as a whole. “That was one hell of a party” for Jeremih and so was the preceding album for the listener. The song has shades of “One Man Can Change the World” off of Big Sean’s Dark Sky Paradise in that it is an absurdly uplifting song but I think that Jeremih handled the motivational R&B trope significantly better. Jeremih is in a great place and you will be too after listening to “Paradise.”


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