Artist to Watch: George Cosby

Have you ever fallen in love with the sound of someone’s voice? Regardless of your answer, I dare you to listen to George Cosby’s new single, “All of Your Love,” and not fall in love.

A London based artist, George Cosby released his first EP, Human Touch, in 2015. It featured three tracks: “Ritual Blush,” “State of Undress,” and “Vacant Grace,” all of which emphasize his epic voice with the minimalistic use of accompanying instruments. Melancholy in their sound and lyrics, George Cosby’s songs resonate in a very complete way. In an interview with Hannah Thacker from music blog HumanHuman, Cosby said that all three of the songs on the EP were “break-up songs,” which he said helped him to transfer emotion into the songs while ridding himself of the same emotions. Describing it as a “cathartic experience,” he is able to express himself in these songs.

Since his first EP, George Cosby has released two new songs, “Juliet” and “All of Your Love,” which are both different and very good. “Juliet” is similar to “Ritual Blush” and “State of Undress” in the presence of his voice, whereas “All of Your Love” is a bit more whimsical and like “Vacant Grace.” In my opinion these newer songs show his confidence in his style and sound in a way that his first EP didn’t necessarily do, and that makes me excited for what’s to come for George Cosby.

Right now he is on a short tour in Europe, after which he will hopefully continue writing. A Savage Kiss EP is scheduled for release in October, so keep an eye out!

photos from George Cosby’s facebook page

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