Review: Gorillaz, A Sensory Masterpiece

Gorillaz graced the stage of Columbia, Maryland’s Merriweather Post Pavilion last Monday, October 17 with one of the most spectacular performances I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing in my life. A band that transcends genre, Gorillaz put on a show that I can’t fit neatly into one box. It felt as though every ten minutes there was an entirely new show before me. Between the twelve person ensemble on stage, multiple guest singers, and stunning visuals accompanying every song, Gorillaz’s show was a sensory masterpiece in which every detail was artfully incorporated.

With a setlist composed of classics like “Feel Good, Inc.,” new singles like “Cracker Island (feat. Thundercat),” and over a dozen other songs, Gorillaz showcased their wide range of talent in a genre-blending experience that felt like more of a journey than a performance. Lead singer and creator of the band, technically comprised of four fictional characters, Damon Albarn, left the stage and crowd buzzing after every song. He would set the stage on fire with upbeat alternative rock one minute, the next, he commanded the audience with powerful ballads, the next, he would wail on the piano or pianica (a handheld, breath powered, mini keyboard that I didn’t know existed until this show). Chemistry was absolutely electric among everyone on stage. The guitarist and bassist did an impeccable job of engaging with the audience, and the two drummers and keyboardist were the glue that held them all together. The five backup singers (two of whom had solos that stood out as the most incredible vocals of the evening) completely elevated the performance, adding yet another layer of magic to the band’s set.

Gorillaz’s new album, “Cracker Island,” is set to release in February of 2023, and I will certainly be attending their next tour following its release.

Written by Olivia Baisier.

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