Chance, The Rapper?

Chance the Rapper is the best thing out of Chitown since Kanye. He totally slid around the Chief Keef drill scene (who is awesome, don’t get me wrong). Chance blew up with Acid Rap, and there are a ton of Chance songs that aren’t as huge and yet totally kickass, and a bunch he features on that could stand alone but are made 10x better with Chance.
(Surf, Chances experimental effort under the mantra Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment, will not be included because its not really “Chance the Rapper”).

“Heaven only Knows” – Towkio

This song off of Wav Theory is a song with a killer beat, great vocals from Towkio (an up an coming rapper/singer who has been a part of Chance’s crew for awhile), and a dope Chance verse. There is almost an element of choir-esque R & B, but it totally works.

“Family [Blended Babies Remix]” – Chance the Rapper

Chance absolutely kills this song and theres an awesome distorted acoustic guitar beat backing him, what else could you want.

“Long Night (feat Chance the Rapper)” – Hoodie Allen
I’m the not the biggest Hoodie fan. However, this upbeat effort is a great early night play. “Grab a corona and pass out in the tub” is the kind of motivation I need. Plus, Chance absolutely rocks the final verse in a great finale to a solid song.

“Baby Blue (feat Chance the Rapper)” – Action Bronson.
Action Bronson is the man, and he lets Chance drop a super memorable and honestly quite sincere verse in this killer track.

(this may be the censored one … :/ )

“I. The Worst Guys” – Childish Gambino ft. Chance the Rapper
Childish. Chance. nuff said.

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