Playlist: Chill Music For Cold Weather

It happens to all of us. Sometimes you wake up in a bad mood, and everything around you exacerbates it. As we creep into the next few winter months, not even sunny weather will cheer you up as midterms, hangovers, and more seem hell-bent on stressing you out. But instead of snapping at your roommate or throwing your textbooks at the wall, plug into this playlist. Beginning with acoustic ballads from Modest Mouse and Alexi Murdoch, these tracks include electro pop from Banks and Austin-based group The Black And White Years, along with the absolutely gorgeous song that, in my opinion, won Beck his Grammy, and a poignant piece from indie legends Neutral Milk Hotel. As you’re grumping around in the bitter cold of our upcoming DC winter, turn to this blend of lo-fi, alternative rock, and indie grooves to emote and chill out.

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