Preview: Travis Scott w/ Fabolous @ Morgan State

Although Georgetown hosts a mere two “big” concerts on campus every year between Hoya Madness and the spring concert put on by Georgetown’s Program Board, both of which have featured big name artists such as B.o.B., Trey Songz, Big Sean, White Panda, and Calvin Harris in recent years, one of the benefits of being in a city like Washington DC is the multitude of neighboring schools, with both students of similar interests and events that are oftentimes open to the public. With that being said, if you are a rap fan and willing to take a trip far off campus, you should definitely consider heading to Baltimore for Morgan State University’s homecoming concert, featuring Travis Scott and Fabolous.

Travis Scott and Young Thug headlining at the Fillmore in Silver Spring last March – @troublshooting

First and foremost, for those unfamiliar, Travis Scott is a young artist on the rise. With a rare ear for curating instrumentals and featured artists, as well as a mind for production, Travis, also known as “La Flame,” has a discography that truly feels like it’s from another plan it. On the heels of releasing his third project and debut studio album, Rodeo, Trav is flying high. On top of all this, music critics abound have called him one of the best live performers the rap game has to offer. Having been to two, going on three, of his shows myself, I can attest that even with little knowledge of his music this can be one of the more invigorating concert experiences for any rap fan who loves to get wild. If you can’t make this show, Travis will be in DC in about a month, first on his tour stop opening for the Weeknd (an unlikely pairing, although the Weeknd was featured on Rodeo‘s “Pray for Love”), and then headlining the Fillmore in Silver Spring two days later, a venue which he sold out last year and has already sold out merely days after announcing the “pop-up” show. With the Fillmore show sold out and the Weeknd tour being held at the Verizon Center (with predominantly Weeknd fans), missing this show is missing a rare chance to see one of the greatest coming up, in his element.

In addition to the young gun La Flame leading the charge to kick off Morgan State’s homecoming weekend, the vet Fabolous will also be blessing the audience with his presence. Leading up to the project Loso’s Way 2: Rise To Power, which is currently slated for sometime in 2015, Fab will surely entertain the crowd, both with his many hits such as “You Be Killin Em” and “Make Me Better,” I also can’t wait for someone of the cuts he’ll perform off of his plethora of mixtapes, where I feel he truly shines as an artist.

With a lineup such as this, last minute tickets are a hot commodity. You can find them here.

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