“Live It While You Got It [Act 1]” — Josh Abbott Band

Since 2008, the Josh Abbott Band has consistently put out phenomenal music that has been, for the most part, ignored by the country music community. While gaining popularity with hit singles such as “Oh Tonight” and “Hangin’ Around”, the band has yet to become mainstream, and given the current state and perception of country music, that’s probably for the best. Ahead of the release of their fourth studio album, Front Row Seat, the Josh Abbott Band recently released the single “Live It While You Got It [Act 1]”. This is the second single released off of the upcoming album following the release of “Amnesia [Act 5]” a couple weeks back. The new track tells the true story of two young lovers sharing the thrill of skinny dipping together and, more importantly, making the most of their young college lives while they still can.

While this is a positive and upbeat track, the same cannot be said about the rest of the band’s upcoming album, which tells the story of front man Josh Abbott’s tragic relationship with his now ex-wife. Check out “Amnesia [Act 5]” for an early taste of the dark ending to Front Row Seat. The album, split in to five acts detailing the journey of the main characters from introduction to true love to ultimate heartbreak, will likely become the Josh Abbott Band’s most popular album and, if these tracks are any indication, will surely compete for album of the year recognition. Front Row Seat is set to be released on November 6th.

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