“Go Out” – Blur

Blur may have a warm spot in the heart, but their new single is too cool to care. The band’s style might typically be characterized as “energy exerting,” but this track seems to run off the fumes of whatever vibrations are nearby. The singing is removed, the fly-on-the-wall-lyrics not far in sentiment from LCD Soundsystem’s, and a hooky melody nowhere to be found. Rather, the track is driven by incessant “uh”s, “hm”s, and noisy guitar riffs. This new sound, not to mention the neon ice cream and Chinese characters on the cover, point towards a reinvention of the band’s aesthetic. But heck, they rock it. Keep an eye out for the full album, The Magic Whip, to be released on April 27.


  • Natasha Janfaza

    Natasha Janfaza is one of the few on Georgetown's campus who sports a pixie cut and Doc Martens. She studies something along the lines of music and the brain, and enjoys a good dose of espresso, punk, and some Schoenberg when she's feeling fancy.

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