“Gunga Din” – The Libertines

The single released off their recent comeback album, “Gunga Din” shows us a very different Libertines than the rough-and-ready young punk band that Britain adored in the mid-2000’s. Sober now (relatively) and featuring graying hair, they can no longer pull off their former image, so at least they didn’t really try to. “Gunga Din” is a pleasant, if not slightly cheesy, reminiscent tune of the hardships of their tumultuous past and their continuing road to recovery; in the music video the band walks straight down the street without veering towards the sketchy bars on either side of them, though they take turns taking swigs from a bottle. Although I miss the orderly chaos of their first two albums, it’s nice to see Pete and Carl on good terms again and writing new music.



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Camille Hankel

Camille is a sophomore in the College studying Math and Computer Science. She enjoys folk rock, punk rock, and indie, and most all, pretending to know how to play these things on guitar. Camille is a co-host of her radio show The Underground Alliance, which airs Thursdays at 8:00am.

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