LÉON @ Rock & Roll Hotel

Swedish singer/songwriter LÉON played a fantastic indie pop show on February 5th at the Rock & Roll Hotel. She uses her life experiences as inspiration for her music and creates a set of music that most can relate to. The atmosphere of the concert was wonderful, as many of the people there were devoted fans of hers. I met many people who have spent the past year obsessing over her music.

The show started at about 9PM with Jacob Banks, a Nigerian R&B and hip-hop artist who was the first unsigned act to ever appear on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. His voice sounds like John Legend and Sam Smith had a love child – check out his most recent album, The Paradox, below.

When LÉON came out, the mood had already been set by Jacob Banks and the crowd was ready for the main event. She came onto the stage in a flowy pink and white outfit, made even more perfect by stunning red lighting. She was electric as she danced across the stage and sang her heart out, beginning with her hit “Tired of Talking.” She sings with a breathy edge that really emphasizes the “indie” feel of indie pop.

Clearly surprised by the turnout at her sold-out show, she often stopped to talk about songs, saying things like “You know when you just get drunk with one of your friends and then you start crying because you’re talking about everything with them? Well that’s what this song is about.” LÉON was entirely connected and in touch with the crowd as she paused between songs. It was amazing to watch her work the stage and she often looked back at her band and smiled at them.

Her presence was electric and magnifying, and she engaged with the audience as she told us to sing along with her. She had no problem telling us how happy it made her that the crowd knew the lyrics. A highlight of the show was her cover of Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?by The Arctic Monkeys – the crowd went wild, as her sultry voice perfectly complemented the red strobe lights and her awesome dance moves.

If you’re not familiar with LÉON’s music yet, you can find her on Spotify or iTunes – definitely be on the lookout for her next trip to DC!

Photo Credit: Léon Facebook Page


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