Playlist: Discover November 2015

This past August, I got an email from Spotify that changed my music-finding life. It told me about Discover Weekly, Spotify’s weekly 30-song playlist that reads like a Pandora station of whatever you’ve been listening to. While it sometimes feels like cheating that I didn’t actually make an effort and search out these songs, I’ve found tons of new favorites over the past few months and have been cataloguing the best of the best in monthly playlists.

November has been one great month for my music discovery. It started out with For the Foxes’s a cappella version of the fun “Easy Way.” I’m a sucker for a cappella, and this fun bass line and snapping and hand-clapping does not disappoint. Another standout is Autoheart’s “Moscow,” which is insanely catchy and at this very moment is making me nod my head very hard (high praise from someone who can’t dance).

Also, have you heard “Lloyd, I’m Ready to be Heartbroken” by Camera Obscura? It starts out sounding like church bells, but quickly morphs into a dreamy, poppy tune that I want in my ears at all times. Another song I’m now obsessed with is “Lady Percy” by King Charles. Honestly, I’m not super sure what this guy is talking about, but I’m super there for the folk-dancey vibe. Last but certainly not least, another great song to check out is “Born Too Late” by Dent May. It reminds me of one of last year’s favorites, “The Fall” by Rhye, so a little more mellow and electronic-influenced than some of my other favorite songs.

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Caroline is a freshman in the College studying linguistics. She is from Portland, Oregon, and consequently is a crusader for Birkenstocks and compost. You can find her listening to all the music you're not cool enough to know.

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