Preview: Dora Jar @ DC9 11/05

Northern California’s bedroom pop-star is coming to DC this Saturday for her first North American headlining tour, titled The Opening Tour. Coming off Billie Eilish’s Happier Than Ever Tour, Dora Jar will be making her solo debut at the DC9 Club on Saturday, November 5. Her latest EP, comfortably in pain, was released earlier this year, and her recent single “Spell” was dropped just two weeks ago to inaugurate the upcoming tour, which starts November 3. With two EPs and a few singles out, Dora is kickstarting this tour with an eclectic mix of previous and new releases. With carefully stacked instrumentals and contrastingly gentle vocals, Dora Jar’s music is energizing in every sense of the word.

Ready for a stunning performance? Check out Dora Jar’s unique sound here to refresh your musical palette just in time for the concert. Doors open at 7:30 PM this Saturday, November 5, for an exciting night with opener Sam Austins and headliner Dora Jar.


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