Preview: Jockstrap @ DC9 11/17

British indie-electronic duo, Jockstrap, is kicking off their first North American tour this November 17th at Washington D.C’s DC9. The pair, consisting of Taylor Skye and Black Country, New Road founding member Georgia Ellery, will be accompanied throughout the regional tour by opener ernest rareberrg.

The band released their debut album I Love You Jennifer B this past September, delivering an eerie and pulsing sound to their discography. Over the past year, Jockstrap has released four music videos: “Glasgow,” “50/50,” “Concrete Over Water,” and “Greatest Hits.” Each video leans into the adventurous and otherworldly energy of the record, whether through the handheld filming style, fantastical costumes, or disorienting editing. The visual interpretations are only an accompaniment to the album’s attitude of longing and exploration.  Born of Ellery’s haunting soprano vocals, lyrics like “Lancaster Court’s,” “But I don’t dare look back/What I’ve left behind/(Don’t show the world who you really are),” embrace the uneasy nostalgia that often characterizes post-2020 records. These themes of loneliness and guardedness aren’t new to Jockstrap’s lyricism, but I Love You Jennifer B departs from the playful tone of the group’s earlier projects, maturing into an exploration of independence instead. This sentiment culminates in “Glasgow,” with Ellery returning to herself in each chorus, “I know myself/I trust myself.” In the outro, she finally proclaims,In that moment, I am so alone,” accepting her solitude. Jockstrap’s I Love You Jennifer B grounds itself in the duo’s compelling lyrical style, which leaves listeners to soak the record’s long stretches of anxiety until breaking out into inevitable moments of catharsis.

Although Jockstrap’s DC show is sold out, you can listen to I Love You Jennifer B, here.

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