Preview: Stevedreez @ DC9

Stevedreez and two guest performers, Tommy Richman and Leftfingers, are performing at DC9 on October 9th, in promotion of Stevedreez’s latest new single, Darling. Darling’s beat and lyrics have a 70’s vibe that matches Stevedreez’s proclaimed “old soul” which is upbeat with light and loving lyrics. Stevedreez’s first album, Mirage, debuted back in 2019, and since then he has only been growing in popularity. Tommy Richman’s most recent single, “Ice Kream Truck” has more of an electric 90’s kick, so concertgoers can expect to experience a variety of decades! Stevedreez features on several of Leftfingers’s tracks in Leftfingers’s album, Drift Digital.Fm (2020), which, like Richman’s music, has an electric sound. Stevedreez, Tommy Richman, and Leftfingers each have such unique and rare sounds, and it’s extremely exciting to see how they will combine at DC9’s concert this Saturday.

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Stevedreez’s Spotify
Tommy Richman’s Spotify
Leftingers’ Spotify

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