Rating Every 5 Seconds of Summer Song (By Linnea Petropoulos)

5 Seconds of Summer (5sos) was formed in 2011 by bassist Calum Hood, guitarist Luke Hemmings, drummer Ashton Irwin, and guitarist Michael Clifford. They gained major popularity after One Direction member Louis Tomlinson tweeted about them in 2012. While they started with a lot of cover songs and a few EPs, they soon released their first album, 5 Seconds of Summer, in 2014. A year later, they followed up with a second album: Sounds Good Feels Good. Next, they released their third album Youngblood in 2018. This past March, they released their most recent album CALM. They have come to be one of my favorite groups as they just like to have fun and that’s pretty evident when you listen to their music.


These are the top 10 5 Seconds of Summer songs. I would recommend giving most of them a listen if you are down for a good time, as rankings are mostly based on how hard I dance to them.

#1 “Girls Talk Boys,” Ghostbusters (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

My favorite thing about this song is it is evidence that all members of the band can sing. I am in love with this bass line and really like the way it fits in with the guitar. You have to dance to this song no matter what mood you are in.

#2 “Unpredictable,” Somewhere New 

This track is so hype that some would argue it’s actually their best song. They were so young when they wrote this and truly ahead of their time with this one. You have to dance to this song no matter what mood you are in. I also like how this song established how good Calum is at bass; this is a trend that will definitely be seen throughout the rest of this article. 

#3 “I Miss You -Unplugged,” Unplugged

This cover forever changed the way I sing this song. I love the harmonies and the cajon never fails to get me excited. Luke’s vocal entrance at the beginning carries so much power. Their accents are also great.

#4 “Wherever You Are,” She Looks So Perfect (B-Sides) 

I took a hiatus from being a 5sos fan for 5 years, and when I returned I immediately wanted to hear this song again. I love the slow build of this song, beginning with a simple guitar and really hitting when the electric guitar enters. The lead vocals are emotional and the harmonies are beautiful. I could fly a thousand oceans but there’s nothing that compares to the way this song makes me feel.

#5 “Heartbreak Girl,” 5 Seconds of Summer

This is the first 5sos song I ever heard and it was back when they had like three songs so it will always hold a special place in my heart. This song has too much history and I have too much emotional attachment to it for it to be any lower.

#6 “Waste the Night,” Sounds Good Feels Good

I love how effortlessly fast paced the verses are, and Ashton does a great job of setting this pace on the drumset. At the end of the verses, all of the instruments cut out for a powerful reentrance in the chorus. You have to sing along. After all the verses, the bridge, and the choruses, the song goes on to end with a sort of instrumental interlude. It’s a vibe.

#7 “Moving Along,” Youngblood

The rhythm section is so good in this song. Just thinking about the first verse of this song gets me excited. I am in love with the bass line. The vocals in the verses have the coolest attitudes. A really fun song to sing along and dance to.

#8 “English Love Affair,” 5 Seconds of Summer

This song starts with a percussion sequence that immediately catches your attention. I am in love with the bass line. The vocal entrance for the second verse is so confident and exciting. I also really like the chorus after the bridge when everything appears to drop out except for the drums and Calum singing very passionately.

#9 “Lost Boy,” 5 Seconds of Summer

The drums at the beginning are so exciting. I am in love with the bass line. An underrated song.

#10 “Monster Among Men,” Youngblood

Fantastic percussion. I really like the tradeoff between the vocal and electric guitar in the chorus. Also the piano throughout this song is so good.

And now for all of the other songs categorized into tiers.


Tier 1: BANGERS: Songs that would be in the top ten if there were spaces for them. 

Disconnected, High, Easier, Talk Fast, Valentine, If You Don’t Know, Outer Space/Carry On, Lie to Me, Try Hard, Wildflower, Best Years, Why Won’t You Love Me, Babylon, Close as Strangers, Try Hard, 18, More, Woke Up in Japan, Empty Wallets, Ghost of You, Lonely Heart, San Francisco


Tier 2: Certified Bops: Songs that are really good.

Invisible, She Looks So Perfect, Old Me, Teeth, No Shame, Out of My Limit, Just Saying, End Up Here, Mrs. All American, Greenlight, Heartache on the Big Screen, Beside You


Tier 3: Lawful Good: Songs that are good.

Meet You There, Red Desert, Lover of Mine, Don’t Stop, Social Casualty, Talk Fast, Voodoo Doll, She’s Kinda Hot, Never Be


Tier 4: Wait…this kinda bangs: Songs I overlooked in the past that are actually good.

Pizza, American Idiot (Green Day cover), Killer Queen (Queen cover), Stay-Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC, If Walls Could Talk, Not in the Same Way, Thin White Lies


Tier 5: I will allow it: Songs that are okay.

What I Like About You, Daylight, Story of Another Us, Good Girls, Everything I Didn’t Say, Long Way Home, Hey Everybody!, Jet Black Heart, Youngblood, Want You Back, Better Man

Author’s Note: I know that some of y’all are about to be real mad at me. I’m sorry that Jet Black Heart isn’t higher. Good Girls would have been placed higher if they had kept the title Good Girls Are Bad Girls That Haven’t Been Caught. Personally, I preferred this song live, before the studio version existed.


Tier 6: Where is the flavor: Songs that lack the originality and personality I know 5sos has.

The Only Reason, Over and Out, Lost In Reality, Safety Pin, Kiss Me Kiss Me, Money, Permanent Vacation, Catch Fire, Fly Away, Tomorrow Never Dies 

Author’s Note: I hate being negative because I love 5sos, but Sounds Good Feels Good was not a hot album. To be honest Money and Permanent Vacation are growing on me so they could also be in tier 5. I’m sorry for putting Cath Fire here but it’s just not a standout to me.


Tier 7: I do not vibe with this: Songs I will skip if they come on shuffle.

Vapor, Gotta Get Out, Broken Pieces, The Girl Who Cried Wolf, The Space Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Castaway, Airplanes, Independence Day

Author’s Note: Most of these songs aren’t actually bad, they just don’t sit right with me because I do not like Sounds Good Feels Good in general. Gotta Get Out is actually so cute and Luke sounds really good but their accents just make me laugh.


Tier 8: Why I left: Before quarantine I hadn’t listened to 5sos since 2015 and these songs are responsible.

“Amnesia,” 5 Seconds of Summer

The studio version of this song genuinely makes me angry and I feel strongly about it. Calum can sing but the effect on his voice makes him sound terrible/like he can’t hit the high notes when he totally can. I felt like the effect really took away from the raw emotion with which Cal sang and made it feel like this was just another overproduced pop love song rather than the emotional ballad it should be. I remember seeing his song live and being excited to hear the studio version only to be disappointed. I would rather go to YouTube and watch a live performance than listen to this studio version.

Who Do You Love

They are really talented and I have higher expectations from them at this point. Calum’s verse is good though. You’re doing great sweetie.

Author’s Note: I love 5 Seconds of Summer and any apparent criticism in this article is a product of me wanting them to get better/ continue to make bangers. I literally love them so much they should hire me I will do anything. 

Also the tier titles are based off/inspired by a YouTube video from Sidney Lavin. 

Unrated: Broken Home is good and I respect it so much it just makes me too sad so I can’t listen to it


Thx for reading xoxo Linnea


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