Taylor Bennett @ Songbyrd


Last Friday, Taylor Bennett stopped by DC’s Songbyrd Café as part of his first ever headlining tour The Taylor Bennett Show.  It was a sold-out show, and fans were lining up outside well before the doors were opened. Once inside, the audience quickly filled the small venue as fans anxiously waited for Bennett to take the stage.

Brian Fresco, another Chicago rapper, opened for Bennett, and his enthusiastic performance woke up and energized the audience. After a brief DJ set, the excitement was tangible, and from my position at the front of the crowd I felt the other people in the back of the room push forward closer to the stage.

Bennett finally came on stage and the crowd went crazy. People were cheering and taking pictures as Bennett launched into his set, opening with a few songs from his first album, Broad Shoulders. I had expected Bennett to stick mainly to the songs from his latest album, Restoration of an American Idol, but he included a good number of songs from his first project as well, which were well received by the older fans in the audience.

Including most of his popular songs, such as “Grown Up Fairytales” and “Broad Shoulders,” Bennett performed an energetic and well organized set. He closed with covers of two songs by other artists: Childish Gambino’s “Sober” and Chance the Rapper’s “No Problem,” a tribute to Bennett’s older brother.

Overall, it was a fun concert, and I recommend seeing Bennett perform if ever given the chance. Check out Restoration of an American Idol below.

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