The Renaissance, B Harms

Warrior Star Entertainment R&B recording artist B Harms releases his debut EP entitled The Renaissance. The singer hits major chords with a solid attempt to breathe more life and meaning back into the R&B genre through positive messages, diversity of sound production and storytelling; hence, the project’s title. The Renaissance incorporates elements of classic R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, Spoken Word, and Neo Soul to produce an innovative and well-rounded R&B sound. While delivering messages of love, infidelity, self-doubt and self-assurance, B Harms takes the risk of tackling social issues of ethnic empowerment, teen parenthood, gang violence, child molestation, and depression. The six track EP has garnered an abundance of audience acclaim, hundreds of Spotify streams, and modest sales in its first week which is exceptional for an upcoming independent artist. The Renaissance features the controversial, socially conscious empowerment anthem “Black Power”, the upbeat pop-infused “Outta the Box”, and the sensual but vulnerable “Up All Night”.

Overall, this is a phenomenal debut project from B Harms. The lyrical content is by far more insightful and imaginative than majority of mainstream artists, especially amongst male R&B artists. It is quite refreshing to hear a commercially viable collection of music that’s socially aware and not overly sexual in subject matter. The only criticism for this project is the occasional shakiness in B Harms’ vocal delivery especially when holding notes in higher registers. Vibrato is not always effectively executed which can be improved by further vocal coaching. I am looking forward to seeing how B Harms grows as an artist and songwriter. There’s a bright future ahead of him as an independent artist.


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Darnell Bland Jr. is senior at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business, double-majoring in Marketing and Management and pursuing a certification in the Entrepreneurship Fellowship Program. He is one of three hosts for the comedic radio show Lower Class, airing Thursdays 9:00pm-10:00pm.

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