“Let It Happen” – Tame Impala

The eery silence of anticipation for Tame Impala’s 3rd LP has been bursted by the wave of sound stemming from the band’s new single, “Let It Happen.” The epic 8 minute track introduces brand new sounds for Impala, which range from melodic orchestras to dance floor synth rifts. There are traces of classic Impala bass-heavy melodies, but what is noticeably missing is the dominating influence from the lead guitar.

Tame Impala’s lead vocalist, Kevin Parker, has been working for three years to follow up  their masterpiece of a 2nd LP, Lonerism.  After experiencing the new directions that Parker is taking Tame Impala in just one track, the rest of the album go could anywhere.

I need to know: What is Kevin Parker about to let happen?

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