The Velveteers: Rock How Your Parents Knew It

It can seem like the glory days of rock are behind us. We hear stories of the likes of Queen, Pink Floyd, and Guns N’ Roses and wonder whether this type of music, this type of performing, is behind us. In a performance at Songbyrd, The Velveteers assured that primal rock is not a thing of the past.

The trio exudes talent and charisma. The set began with drummers Baby and Johnny playing their hits in sync while lead singer Demi awed with her vocals and guitar-playing capabilities. Their energy was electric, as were their clothes, with the members donning various metallic and sequined ensembles to highlight their dazzling presence. The Velveteers did what most rock bands can only attempt: they brought rock back to its flashy, sexy, guttural essence.

A dead crowd is always a challenge to a performer, but the trio was so engaging and exciting that by the end of the set everyone was jumping on their feet dancing, taking pictures, and heading to the merch table, hoping to get an autograph later. At one point, Baby even took a drum into the crowd and had an attendee hold it while they put on a show. And the theatrics didn’t end there. Demi performed their last song standing on top of the drum set in the grandiose way we’ve all heard so much about from rock groups in the past. Clearly, their tenure opening for Guns N’ Roses was an indication that primal rock isn’t dead; in fact, it’s as alive as ever.

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