“Withdrawals” – Tyler Farr

Tyler Farr, one of country’s resident bad boys as well as a classically trained opera singer, is back with his new single “Withdrawals.”

“Withdrawals” is the second single to come off of Farr’s sophomore album, Suffer in Peace (with the first being “A Guy Walks into a Bar.”) Both “A Guy Walks into a Bar” and “Withdrawals” show a more vulnerable side to Farr, something that seems to be an archetype for his upcoming album.

The song opens with light instrumentation and Farr’s vocals coming through clearly singing, “You were that whiskey running through my veins.” Heavy distorted guitars then kick in, giving the song an angst filled feel. Although this instrumentation adds to the pace of the song, the distorted guitars are a stark contrast against the emotional lyrics. This combination makes what seems to be an emotional song feel angrier than it should.

Lyrically, Farr is comparing the feelings after a tough break-up to withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and/or drugs. The chorus showcases this comparison with the lyrics, “You always used to get me high/ Now all I do is crash and fall. / I’m going through withdrawals.” The comparison is perfected further with emotional deliveries of the lyrics “All alone in the darkness watching my hands shake/ But they don’t have rehab for heartbreak” and “So hooked on you probably never get clean and sober.”

Although “Withdrawals” does much in the way of showcasing the fact that Farr has an emotional side, the depth of the vulnerability needed to convey his feelings of heartbreak is missing. This, paired with the heavy instrumentation, leads the song to sound more like an angst filled break-up song than an emotional song about how much he is missing the girl the lyrics are about. Despite this however, “Withdrawals” is a song that will achieve success on country radio.

Suffer in Peace comes out April 28th.


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