You Jump I Run, Will Joseph Cook


Seventeen-year-old British singer-songwriter Will Joseph Cook has been making waves in the indie-folk scene, and after listening to his debut EP, You Jump I Run, it is easy to see why.

Will Joseph Cook has remarkable talent for such a young artist. Cook knows exactly how to highlight his skills, as both a musician and a singer, by combining interesting guitar riffs, solid drumbeats, and his incredible vocal abilities (including his dreamy falsetto.) Also, through his lyrics and stylistic choices, it is easy to see that Cook has an old soul.

“Message” is the song that has gained the most attention off the EP. Listening to this song, it is hard not to make comparisons to Australian alt-rock band Atlas Genius. “Message” is about getting away from the tendency to get caught up in nostalgia and see the past as being better than it was. On this track, Cook displays his songwriting aptitude with lyrics such as “Tearing up silence, killing time/ Drinking out feelings on it tasted like wine/ Oh, if we had a message, I think it got lost/ But I’m feeling closer now that we got before.” The song starts off acoustic, however high-chirping electric guitar riffs, and a clapping rhythm are introduced, adding to the overall tone of the song. Cook’s voice comes across clear, and cuts deep with the emotional vulnerability it showcases. “Message” fits into that that indie-folk niche that is starting to become more mainstream.

“Streets of Paris” was the first song to be released off of the EP. The production and sound of this track is very different from that featured on “Message.” The track has a feel good and infectious vibe that appeals to the listener. The guitar riffs bop through the song adding to the feel good dynamic. “Streets of Paris” also shows off Cook’s lyrical prowess with lyrics such as “We were walking in the streets of Paris/ 
I was pouring me out and drinking you in/
 Girl, you look so European/
 Yeah, when we were dancing in the streets of Paris.”

Will Joseph Cook has an astonishing creative and vocal maturity for a seventeen year old artist. His combination of indie, folk, and pop influences create a widely appealing, infectious, and feel good sound that is sure to capture the music worlds attention.



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Rhiannon Catalano is a senior in the MSB double majoring in Marketing and Operations and Information Management. She loves all genres of music from alternative, to classic rock, to country, and everything in between. Listen to her show Everything Goes from 8-10pm on Sunday nights.

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