“Coming Home” – Leon Bridges

In the wake of the election results, I find myself turning to music to find solace and peace as I always do during times of despair. Indie soul and folk usually do the trick for me, and nothing comforts me more than the blues-infused, raw sound of Leon Bridges and the hopefulness I find in the lyrics of his songs. “Coming Home” has especially resonated with me, as it describes the comfort and safety he finds when returning to the “tender, sweet loving” of Fort Worth, Texas, his hometown.

Bridges’ dusty sound transports us back to the simpler times of soul in the 60s, influenced by Sam Cooke and Otis Redding. Though this record was released last year, lyrics like “the world leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, girl” are ever-so poignant and relevant. The “girl” for Bridges in this case is Scripture, referring to the parallels to how filthy the world can be compared to God, and how He is always there for us to lean on.

Though we might not all be religious, it is important now more than ever for us to lean on each other.  We cannot afford to shrink in defeat, run from what is ugly and hard, or be silenced.  When we emerge from our justified period of grieving, we must commit our unique talents and strengths to defending our beautiful yet vulnerable democracy.  We must show up and reaffirm that our America continues to be a beacon of hope and opportunity for all, not for a select few who meet a gender, race, religion, sexuality, or ethnicity requirement.

This is the America I want to come home to.


Photo courtesy of the Leon Bridges Facebook page


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Lilly is a junior in the College from Arkansas studying Biology of Global Health. Like a good Southerner, she has a deep appreciation for sweet tea and all musical genres except Country. She ranks The 1975, Grouplove, and Odesza as some of her favorite shows.

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