Endless Motion, Vol. 1, Geographer

Sometimes a musician’s true talent shines when they aren’t even performing their own work. Geographer, the indie electronic music project of San Franciscan Mike Deni, recently released an EP of covers to complement its third album, which dropped earlier in 2015. The five-song EP includes songs that have been consistent staples in the band’s live sets — “Age of Consent” by New Order, the B-side of 2009 single Kites, makes a reappearance.

Geographer’s rendition of Kate Bush’s “Cloudbusting” is the highlight of the EP, as it showcases the elaborate string instrumentation that characterized an earlier stage of the band’s career. While Geographer has certainly drifted from this sound with Ghost Modern earlier this year, we can easily conclude that Mike Deni can master any musical style he puts his mind to.


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