Playlist: Cover to Cover

Cover songs are all the rage these days. Not only are artists playing covers during their live shows, artists are now releasing cover songs and even cover albums (eh hem Ryan Adams 1989 anyone?) So here are some under-the-radar indie cover songs to help you follow along with the cover song trend.

“Billie Jean” – The Civil Wars (Original Artist: Michael Jackson)
Michael Jackson is the King of Pop; and because of that very few artists dare cover his songs. However, The Civil Wars’ version of “Billie Jean” is the bluegrass version you never knew you needed until now.

“What Would You Do” – Bastille (Original Artist: City High)
Words cannot describe how mind-blowing this cover is. Bastille brings a cool, trance vibe to a song that you don’t even remember hearing, but you will definitely know.

“Wonderwall” – Ryan Adams (Original Artist: Oasis)
“Wonderwall” is one of my favorite songs, therefore I was a little hesitant to listen to this cover. Nevertheless, I did; and Ryan Adams did the song justice.

“Rhiannon” – Best Coast (Original Artist: Fleetwood Mac)
I have spent my entire life begin asked if I was named after this song, therefore I have a very strong revulsion towards it. However, I happen to like Best Coast’s version.

“This Must Be The Place (Naïve Melody)” – The Lumineers (Original Artist: Talking Heads)
Again, “This Must Be The Place (Naïve Melody)” is one of my favorite songs. There are many covers of this song, but I think The Lumineers’ cover is the best.

“No Diggity” – Chet Faker (Original Artist: Blackstreet)
Chet Faker is a genius. Enough said.

“Float On” – Ben Lee (Original Artist: Modest Mouse)
Ben Lee covered this song for the John Tucker Must Die soundtrack. This version is even slower than the original; and Ben Lee delivers it with a beautiful and earnest vocal melody.

“Heartless” – William Fitzsimmons (Original Artist: Kayne West)
I am not a fan of rap/hip-hop music. However, I am a sucker for indie artists covering rap/hip-hop songs; and William Fitzsimmons’ cover of “Heartless” is one of my favorites.

“Missing You” – Tyler Hilton (Original Artist: John Waite)
This choice is revealing my love of One Tree Hill, but that’s okay. I hated Tyler’s character on the show, but loved his cover of this John Waite song.

“Come As You Are” – Yuma (Original Artist: Nirvana)
Yuma brings an unexpected acoustic and airy twist to the song.

“Mine” – Third Eye Blind (Original Artist: Beyoncé feat. Drake)
This cover is kind of strange, but I kind of like it. Plus, strange is to be expected when dealing with Third Eye Blind.

“Wrecking Ball” – Scars on 45 (Original Artist: Miley Cyrus)
Scars on 45’s cover is even more acoustic than the original. The unique pairing of a male and female voice gives the song a different vibe.

“Teenage Dirtbag” – Frank Hamilton (Original Artist: Wheatus)
This is a stripped down, British accent filled cover of “Teenage Dirtbag.” What could be better?

“XO” – John Mayer (Original Artist: Beyoncé)
In my opinion, John Mayer’s “XO” is better than the original. He brings that classic John Mayer singer-songwriter vibe that even Beyoncé, with all of her #flawlessness, cannot bring to the table.

“Shake it Off” – Us the Duo (Original Artist: Taylor Swift)
Not a fan of the original version of “Shake it Off.” However, I think this cover is amazing so check it out.

And lastly, make sure to comment your favorite cover songs below!

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