Music Video: “Ophelia” – The Lumineers

FINALLY.  After almost a three year hiatus, we finally have new music from The Lumineers.  A Denver-based indie folk trio previously known for their infectious “Ho Hey” and heart-string twisting “Stubborn Love,” the breadth of The Lumineers’ music has been there for me in my shower sing-alongs and post-organic chemistry exam blues. Their most recent single, “Ophelia,” is the first release from their new album Cleopatra, which is expected to drop in early April.  Filled with the staple piano riffs and twangy vocals, the new album is sure to be the fix all Lumineers fans are in desperate need of.

The video for “Ophelia” opens with what appears to be a normal set for the Lumineers. You are then in for a surprise, as right before the first Ophelia-filled chorus, the frontman, Wesley Schulz, seems to have an out of body experience. He watches his real self perform for a bit, subsequently proceeding to slip out the back door of the venue into a rainy day.  The remainder of the video shifts back and forth from the trio performing to fantasy-Wesley skipping through puddles and snapping through the rain.  

In reality, the theme of this video isn’t surprising for the Lumineers. The simplistic yet fulfilling storyline is refreshing in light of the contemporary mood of the music video world. “Ophelia’s” charm and undeniable authenticity stand out in contrast to the usual prolonged plots culminating in some explosive yet predictable ending. Representing the start of a new era for The Lumineers, “Ophelia” will leave you simultaneously content and anxious for what is still to come from them.





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