Playlist: chillout

This playlist goes out to all of those people already entrenched in midterm season,  faced with blossoming roommate issues, or just bogged down by the overwhelming pressure of daily life.  No matter your stress level, this list of chill tracks offers a greater sense of peace. In it, you have your standard Death Cab, Mumford, and Coldplay; however, I have also included a variety of gems from the surrounding Alternative/Indie universe.  There’s some Washed Out in homage to “Portlandia,” and The Lumineers make an appearance in deference to President Obama (who actually has decent taste in music). Right now, I myself am particularly fond of Sylvan Esso, whose production is low-key mesmerizing.  I hope you enjoy the songs as much as I do, and I hope they alleviate your stress enough so that you can endure until spring break.

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