Preview: The Naked and Famous @ Lincoln Theatre

The Naked and Famous, a New Zealand band that formed in 2007, are on tour through North America after the release of their new album, Simple Forms, in October. The band has continued their pursuit in the indie electronic world and I will be seeing the show at Lincoln Theatre on Tuesday (November 15th). The new album features some of their latest singles, like “Higher” and “Laid Low”. The band consists of Alisa Xayalith (vocals), Thom Powers (vocals, guitars), Aaron Short (keyboards), David Beadle (bass) and Jesse Wood (drums).

Ever since their debut album, I have been a huge fan of The Naked and Famous. My obsession for this band dates back to my middle school days. Ever since I heard Alisa’s voice, I was in love. The entire band comes together to create such beautiful and emotionally raw sounds. Listening to The Naked and Famous has helped me get through lots of things, and I’ll always love them for that. Hopefully, you love the band as well and if you’ve never heard of them, now is your chance! Take a listen down below. Maybe I’ll see you at the show.

You can buy tickets here.

Photo Credit: The Naked and Famous Facebook Page


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