Låpsley @ 9:30 Club

Låpsley, the stage name for Holly Låpsley Fletcher, an English singer, songwriter and musician. She is currently touring North America after the release of her 2016 debut album, Long Way Home. She has a full band with talented musicians on the guitar, keyboard, and drums.

Although her setlist was short, as she remarked “[She] only has one album,” it was still very beautifully done, live. The distortion of her voice with an alternate microphone along with white, red and green strobe lights set the mood for the show. Låpsley took charge on stage when singing, moving her body along to the music. She made it hard not to dance along. Before each song, she would talk briefly to the crowd, telling us about her tattoos, songwriting, hints about the next album and so on.

The mood of the show was both calm and easy while also making the crowd gasp for air with the vibration of the music and the ecstasy of the show itself. Låpsley, sweet and calm, owned the stage very easily, transitioning between carefree and striking smoothly.

I had only been a minor fan of hers before the show, but she has locked me in as a fan with her stage presence. I can’t wait to see what she does in the future with her songwriting. My favorite moment of the show was when she came back for an encore after the crowd went wild and she whispered into the microphone, “I lied before, this is my last song.”

The opening band, Aquilo, was actually quite striking as well! They set the tone for the night, playing songs from their EP, Midnight, along with various singles that they have released.

I had gotten the chance to meet them, talking briefly with them about their journey on tour with Låpsley and their songwriting. The band consists of Ben and Tom, two English friends who write about love and heartbreak. If you haven’t heard of them, I strongly suggest listening to them.

Most importantly, check out Låpsley’s music, if you haven’t already.

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