Twenty One Pilots @ Echostage


It was impossible not to scream out the words to every song at the Twenty One Pilots concert on September 9th at Echostage.  The two-man band, consisting of front-man Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun, began in 2009 and generated two self-produced albums before the release of the album Vessel in 2013.  Vessel received worldwide acclaim and especially resonated with fans dealing with mental illness because of the band’s songs exploring themes of depression, anxiety, and suicide.  Their high energy and passion propelled them to becoming a summer music festival staple, performing at Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and Firefly.  The band even had the opportunity to perform at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.  The band’s fourth studio release, Blurryface, has already topped the Billboard 200 and has generated enthusiasm from fans and critics alike.

Blurryface brings something to the table for music-lovers everywhere.  Whether it’s the staccato, rhythmic rap of “Stressed Out,” the ukulele rock of “We Don’t Believe What’s on T.V.,” or the synthesized bass and beats of “Polarize,” Twenty One Pilots has succeeded in pulling off a conglomeration of different styles and making them flow in one album.  The last track on the album, “Goner,” brings listeners a taut, stunningly intense display of emotion and leaves them holding their breath.

After recently wrapping up shows in Orlando, Florida, the band will begin shows in California.  And it can be surmised that Joseph and Dun will bring the same raw emotion and genuine love for the fans that they bring to every show; examples include Joseph saying that they would love to sit down and talk about what the music means to each and every fan when the band played at Echostage on September 9th.  Along with the new album, the band played the crowd-favorite “Car Radio” amidst strangled cries as Joseph scaled metal scaffolding to belt out the last lines of the song.  The band finished up the three song encore with their classic go-to “Trees” from Vessel.  The band made a gritty, passionate performance even more memorable by wading out into the crowd furiously pounding large drums as confetti fell in torrents from above.  Even without the non-stop energy and intensity of the performance, Twenty One Pilots brings to the table something which a lot of music lacks today, an all-encompassing sincerity about what they are singing and how it affects their fans.


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