EP III, Tender

London synth-pop duo Tender has had an exciting week: playing their first ever headline gig in London on Thursday, releasing their first music video, and coming out with their third EP on Friday. Having worked together since grade school, band members James Cullen and Dan Cob have a cohesive sound that we heard in Armour EP and that we continue to hear in their newer EPs. EP III pulls in many of the same synthesizer sounds as their other two EPs and has kept hold of the strong electronic element, but certain songs have different rhythms and beats.



The EP starts off strong with the track “Oracle,” and the declaration “so dark,” which, as a theme, runs throughout Tender’s music. EP III is no exception, with the duo whispering in our ears about heartbreaks, violence, and letting go. “Design,” the third track on the EP, has a great melody and slightly more of an upbeat vibe than is normal for Tender. “Smoke” is personally my favorite track on the EP, with a very interesting beginning (are those cowbells?) and much less of an electronic feel with more of a bass presence, leading me to believe that the band might be growing into new sounds. The last track, “Outside,” is also great, with a new kind of electronic background melody and, as usual for Tender, some great lyrics.


“Oh how long can I take before I start to show, how close I am to letting go of myself.” Check out their first music video below.


photo from Tender’s Facebook page

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