Phoebe Ryan @ U Street Music Hall

Since the release of her mashup “Ignition/Do You…,” Phoebe Ryan has been quickly gaining recognition in the pop-music world. Ryan has been successfully creating an energetic, indie-pop sound that has attracted numerous fans, and slots opening for pop-music’s heavy hitters.

On Friday night, Ryan brought an infectious energy and vibe to U Street Music Hall opening for Charlie Puth. Ryan’s seemingly intimate set perfectly captured her raw talent and charisma. She was both shy yet outgoing, and quiet yet powerful.

She opened her set with “Dead,” one of the more popular tracks off of her debut EP “Mine.” Right off the bat Ryan performed with a high energy that set the tone for the rest of the set. She followed the high-energy “Dead,” with a slower performance of “We Won’t.” In slowing things down, Ryan kept the audience guessing what was yet to come.

Throughout her set, Ryan oozed charisma. Her vibrant personality made everyone excited to see her set, as well as make everyone in the audience want to be her. She danced along to every song, moving her body to the beat. She even got her guitarist to dance along.

The crowd participated on “Ignition/Do You…” Along with singing along to every lyric, Ryan got the crowd to jump around with her during the “bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce,” section of the song.

Ryan also performed a yet to be released track for the U Street Music Hall crowd. She performed her song “Be Real,” and opened with the statement that this song could not be found anywhere on the internet, only on this stage tonight.

When introducing her song Chronic, Ryan got the crowd laughing when she stated that it is a song “about love and other things but lets keep it PG.” Ryan’s bubbly personality shined through on this song, and her happiness spread out into the crowd.

Ryan finished her set with her most popular song “Mine.” This song was featured on the How To Be Single soundtrack which Ryan made sure to point out. Her tremendous energy ended the performance on a high note. She made sure that everyone in the audience would remember her name. Although very few people in the crowd knew who Phoebe Ryan was before she got on stage, everyone in the audience was a fan by the end of the set.

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