“I am trying to break your heart” – Wilco

Happy Valentine’s Day! This Wilco song, like my singleness, is nothing new. Best paired with: a significant other on the waterfront. Alternative pairings: you, yourself, and a pint of vegan ice cream. The vocals are simple and sweet, and the piano line steals a sentiment or two from your favorite Billy Joel ballad, making it kind of instantly loveable. Don’t mistake this for a throwaway love song, though. The noisy instrumental and Tweedy’s distressed singing near the end of the track nod towards something greater than a sabotaged relationship.



  • Natasha Janfaza

    Natasha Janfaza is one of the few on Georgetown's campus who sports a pixie cut and Doc Martens. She studies something along the lines of music and the brain, and enjoys a good dose of espresso, punk, and some Schoenberg when she's feeling fancy.

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