Porter Robinson Lights Up The Anthem

Porter Robinson packed The Anthem for a night of stunning visuals, live instrument performances, and even an audience sing-a-long. The concert opened with James Ivy, a NYC-based pop-rock artist, followed by Jai Wolf, who has been touring with Porter Robinson on his 2021 Nurture Tour. Both openers were fantastic and kept the crowd dancing, jumping, and excited for Porter Robinson before he came on stage. 

Porter Robinson’s set started with a beautiful set of on-screen visuals to transport the audience into the magical world of his latest album. The lighting and visuals created a cozy atmosphere to welcome fans of all types. His show incorporated piano solos, synth beats, and live singing by Porter Robinson himself. During his song “Look at the Sky,” he projected the words on the front screen so the audience could sing along. The Anthem filled with various voices, all singing the same words, “I’ll be alive next year…”

Porter Robinson took us through his Nurture album with the same stimulating visuals and his ethereal vocals. His energetic stage presence engaged audience members of all ages as they danced through the night. The set list was a mix of old fan favorites like “Shelter” and “Sad Machine” as well as new hits such as “Mother” and “Blossom” from the latest Nurture album. The final song, “Goodbye to a World,” included a beautiful piano solo by Porter Robinson. This fantastic performance reminded all listeners of his incredible music talent. Porter Robinson’s career has been full of success and excellent music, and this Nurture album is no exception.

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