“Bad Bad Freddy” – Young Monks

Almost a year after the release of their last single, Young Monks are back with another powerful track in the form of “Bad Bad Freddy.” The cut sees the Canberra boys in peak form, having channeled years of recording experience in their own built-from-scratch studios into a sound that’s easily their most expressive to date. The drums are extra punchy, the guitars clean, intentionally warped at times, and those vocal harmonies . . . well, just give it a listen.

While the underlying funk groove feels heavily indebted to the Monks’ Australian brethren Sticky Fingers, there’s also all sorts of eclectic instrumentation going on. A vaguely psychedelic concoction of pan flutes, jazzy electric keyboards, and a surprisingly rad brass section makes one thing abundantly clear: from here on out, the indie group’s music will be anything but predictable.

Unfortunately, unless you’re willing to shell out a grand and a half for a round trip ticket to Australia, there’s pretty much no hope of seeing the Monks live anytime soon. The best thing to do at this point is to show ‘em some love on Facebook and throw a few (or all) of their incredibly unique tracks on a playlist or two. We can only hope that one day sometime soon they’ll figure out a way to tour the States. Godspeed fellas.



Photo Credit: Young Monks Facebook

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