“Silver Snail” – Pixies

Obscure song titles that allude to animals and nature? Yep, that’s Pixies. “Silver Snail,” a track off of their newest album Indie Cindy, is no short of an example of this. In an interview with Q magazine, Black Francis notes that the inspiration for the subject matter was snails’ asexuality and how they procreate by shooting harpoons at each other, which makes a gunshot sound (Q Magazine). Regardless of the intended meaning, though, I like to leave the lyrics to the imagination and let my ears bathe in that drudging, chromatic bass line. Although this song may not be as well-known as the classic, and also creature-inspired, “Monkey Gone to Heaven,” it’s still an enjoyable listen that retains the old Pixies sentiment while introducing elements of their newer, more-refined style.


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Natasha Janfaza

Natasha Janfaza


Natasha Janfaza is one of the few on Georgetown's campus who sports a pixie cut and Doc Martens. She studies something along the lines of music and the brain, and enjoys a good dose of espresso, punk, and some Schoenberg when she's feeling fancy.

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